JEHOVAH–YAHWEH       God’s divine salvation  makes its first appearance in Genesis 2:4, however, God does not reveal Himself with this name until Exodus 3.

A simple web definition yields this definition:  The English rendering of the Hebrew consonants, YHVH. This is God’s sacred name, used over 7,000 times in the Old Testament.  For an extensive listing of where this name is found refer to  The Blue Letter Bible website.

While the definition is lacking any real understanding of this name, the notation that it is used over 7000 times in the Old Testament makes me think perhaps
God truly longs for His people to understand this part of His nature.  So what does it mean?

Divine Salvation
Self existent one
Holy one
Righteous one
Unchangeable one
Your best thought at night
The God who hears prayers
Your Helper
Your Portion
Your Guide
Eternal God
I am that I am
Covenant-keeping God

Yahweh is the promised name of God which was viewed by Jewish tradition to be too holy to voice.  In Hebrew it is actually spelled “YHWH” without vowels. YHWH is referred to as the Tetragrammaton (which simply means “the four letters”). YHWH comes from the Hebrew letters and each letter bares meaning not simply sound.  The following translations of these letters come from The House of Sun website’s Hebrew Alphabet page.

Each letter stands for each of the four Worlds and elements: Yod for Atziluth and Fire, Heh for Beriah and Air, Vau for Yetzirah and Water, and the second Heh for Assiah and Earth.

Yod – The image of the letter Yod is hand with stretched fingers. The hand is the symbol of power, of creative and directed energy that maintains individual existence.  The open hand is the symbol of the micro cosmos and microcosmic man. The closed hand is the symbol of the Center, The Unity out of which everything has emanated, and around which everything revolves. The Yod is the smallest letter, and as a point, it refers to the primal vibration of the universe.

He  (also seen as heh and hay) – The image of the letter He is a window. The letter stems from a root that means “to breathe” in the sense of allowing air and light. To see and to breath are two vital aspects of life. A window allows light and air to come in. It is an opening by which the light outside can reach us.

Vau – The image of the letter Vau (Vav, Wav, Waw) is a nail or hook. Both have the function of fixing something. The nail’s function is joining two parts together.

Wow.  Isn’t God amazing how much meaning is packed into four Hebrew letters?  Yod showing God as creator, the power that created and maintains our world and life.  Yod is the smallest letter yet in it such massive power is revealed.  Now remember Yod is a primal vibration of the universe. And how did God create our universe, world, and everything on this planet?  He spoke.  Voice is vibration. Pretty cool – and yes maybe words and sounds do mean more to me than the average person but then I am a reading teacher and God is soo cool in how He uses words and sounds.

So God’s vocal vibrations created all – yod. 
After creating man in His image and likeness, He breathed His Spirit into man – he.
Man sinned.
Christ came and was nailed to the cross thus fixing our relationship with God – vau. 
This restoration of our spirit now allowing the Holy Spirit to come into us -he. 
Creation through salvation in four little letters.  How amazing!

I don’t know if this blesses you but it sure is blessing me.   I know God is very intentional, but I never realized how much this one name included.  Thanks to the many people who did research on this in the past that I was able to find such information so readily.   In case you don’t know Yahweh is like Elohim in that it is added to many other descriptives to add further meaning to the character and nature of who God is. 

To think God had already planned a means for reuniting His people to Himself before man caused the separation.  He is righteous, unchanging, my portion, He is beyond all that I will ever need and yet He chose to sacrifice everything just to have a relationship with me and each person created.  He truly is my best thought at night.  He does hear prayers.  And He does love you.


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